Virtual Desktop

The YCRC offers virtual desktop environments through the Open OnDemand web portal, providing access to pre-installed applications, such as MATLAB, RStudio, and Jupyter. Our virtual desktops are easily accessible to Yale researchers from your own personal computer. Using the virtual desktop on the clusters provides you with access to powerful CPUs, more RAM than might be available on your personal computer, GPUs, and extensive storage for both easy and powerful computing. The virtual desktops are flexible, scalable, and secure, allowing for the analysis of vast data sets, running complex algorithms, creating visualizations, modeling, and simulations, or simply freeing up your personal computer for other work.

If you are interested in using a virtual desktop on the HPC cluster, but do not have an account, please submit a request for a new account.

Contact us at with any questions or to request assistance with setting up a virtual desktop. 

Helpful resources:

OpenOn Demand portal - tutorial

Introduction to OpenOn Demand - training recording