High Speed Science Network

Science Network Connections are 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) fiber lines connecting on-campus computing resources to the 100Gbps Science Network (ScienceNet). These include individual laboratory, departmental storage and server facilities, and the HPC clusters. ScienceNet runs across Central Campus, the Medical School and West Campus. It is specifically designed for large data transfer and provides a direct connection to the Internet and Internet2 through a Science DMZ. ScienceNet is a specialized network to complement the separate and more commonly used main campus network, which is based on a 10 Gbps backbone connected to most buildings via 1 Gbps local networks.

Yale is then connected to the Internet2 via the Connecticut Education Network (CEN) which connects, in turn, to Northern Crossroads GigaPop (NOX). Yale has one direct 10-Gbps connection from the Science DMZ and one firewalled 10-Gbps connection from the main campus network.

Get Connected

The YCRC can facilitate new connections to the Science Network in your laboratory or department, and provide pricing information. To obtain more information, please use our request form.