Academic Support

Yale Courses on the YCRC Clusters

The YCRC Grace and McCleary clusters can be made available for Yale courses with a suitable computational component.

All course allocations are temporary. All associated accounts and data will be removed one month after the last day of exams for that semester.

For Instructors

If you are interested in using a YCRC cluster in your Yale course, contact us at Please let us know at least a month in advance of the start of the course, even for courses that have used a cluster in a previous semester.

Courses on the YCRC clusters are typically granted a standard 1TiB project storage quota, as well as 125GiB home directory for each student. See our cluster storage documentation for details. In addition to storage, you may request a small number of nodes (usually 1-2) be dedicated to your students for the semester. These nodes will be placed in a reservation named after the course ID. Please inform us if your course requires any special resources, such as GPU-enabled nodes.

We also offer course-specific web portals, based on Open OnDemand, that allow for course-specific features:

  • custom cluster web portal URL, such as
  • separate, temporary course accounts and file-access, even for pre-existing cluster users
  • customized application availability and submission forms (e.g simplify submission forms, course-specific conda environment, etc)

All course allocations on the cluster are temporary. We will delete all accounts, data and remove the dedicated reservation one month after the last day of exams for that semester. If you or a member of your course needs extended access, please contact us as early as possible.

For Students

If you are taking a course that uses a YCRC cluster, you will be granted a temporary account on that cluster with the name "courseID_netid". This account has special access to a modest storage allocation for your course and, in some cases, dedicated compute resource in a reservation named after the course ID. All course-related accounts are subject to the same policies and expectation as standard accounts. See our Getting Started and Courses documentation for more information.

All accounts associated with the course are temporary and will be deleted one month after the last day of exams for that semester. If you require continued access to the cluster for research purposes after your course ends, you must submit a new account request for a research account. In the Special Requests field, let us know if you need any transferred from your temporarily course account (before it is deleted at the end of the semester).

Even if you already have a full research account, a secondary temporary course account will be created for you and you will need to use that account to access any course-associated resources.