Data Management

Globus for High Speed File Transfers

The YCRC provides high speed file transfers within the Yale networks and between Yale and other institutions through the Globus transfer service. Globus enables transfers of large data collections between systems as well as secure access to specific files or directories to external collaborators. Visit our Globus documentation for more information.

Storage Options

ITS Storage Finder

This tool allows you to evaluate which Yale storage option will work best for you including options for use with High Performance Computing:

Google Drive Storage via Eliapps

Google Drive is a cloud service for file storage, document editing and sharing. All members of the Yale community with an Eliapps (Google Apps for Education) account have access to storage in the associated Google Drive account. Moreover, Eliapps users can request Team Drives, which are Google Drive shared spaces where all files in a Team Drive belong to the team instead to any individual. Researchers can transfer data into their Google Drive space using Globus. Please note - as of August 2023, the EliApps Google accounts are limited to 5GB of free storage with an option to purchase more, as necessary. Please visit SharePoint Collaboration Counts page for more information.

Research Data Consultation Group

RDCG is a University-wide group that helps you and your research group throughout the data lifecycle. The Research Data Consultation Group brings together specialists from around campus who consult with researchers and labs on their data management needs. Consultants have answered questions about how to write a data management plan, how to clean data, where to store data, and more. This group includes contributors from Marx Science and Social Science Library, Cushing-Whitney Medical Library, Digital Scholarship Services (DHLab), Metadata and Technical Services, and Preservation, as well as experts from ITS, Yale Center for Research Computing, Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, and other Yale units. See the Research Data website for more information.