The Yale Center for Research Computing provides a wide array of services for the Yale research community. The YCRC manages and supports several high performance computing clusters. We can assist with the installation and use of connections to Yale's 10Gbps Science Network. Staff members within the YCRC also provide expertise and consultations in specific domains, such as GIS and the Scientific Research Software Core.

The YCRC also provides general consulting services to make the most of your technology needs. Our support will cover all phases of your computing needs, from helping to craft a request for proposal, all the way to installation and assessing support options. Similarly, the YCRC is available for consultation on computational equipment within a grant and can provide assistance with quotes for new research computing purchases. For more information, email us at

When publishing your work, we appreciate it when you include an acknowledgment to the Yale Center for Research Computing. Please see our Acknowledging Support page for details.