Research Environments

The Yale Center for Research Computing is partnering with Yale ITS and others to offer several computing environments suitable for research.  Given the broad needs for computation, storage as well as compliance for research, no single environment would meet all needs.  Below is a list of current environments available for use (not including High Performance Computing, which can be found on its own service page).

  • Yale ITS Spin-up Portal - Cloud computing is especially useful for deploying small to large computing environments quickly (minutes) for use on an array of computing problems.  Last year, Yale ITS developed a Spin-up Self-Service Portal, which allowed faculty, staff, and graduate students an easy, user friendly, interface to Amazon Web Services for deployment of cloud computing environments.  While helpful to many across campus, it could only be used with low risk data.  Now Yale’s Spin-up is approved for moderate and high-risk data, allowing nearly everyone the ability to quickly deploy computational capability for their particular needs.