Research Environments

The Yale Center for Research Computing is partnering with Yale ITS and others to offer several computing environments suitable for research. Given the broad needs for computation, storage as well as compliance for research, no single environment would meet all needs. Below is a list of current environments available for use (not including High Performance Computing, which can be found on its own service page).

Yale Spinup Self-Service portal

The Spinup portal provides Yale University faculty, staff, researchers and graduate students with a quick and easy way to deploy cloud resources. Spinup was built with Yale’s mission in mind. Spinup resources are behind Yale’s enterprise firewall, preventing attack by malicious actors from outside of Yale’s network, and are pre-approved for moderate and high risk data such as FERPA and HIPAA.

For additional information or to get started, please see the Yale Spinup website.

Research Technology Consulting for Custom Solutions

In the case where a custom solution is needed, Yale ITS Research Technologies can provide consulting services to help define and deploy a custom research computing environment for you.

For additional information or to request a consult, please see the Research Technology Consulting service page.