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Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Scaling to HPC

During this two-day workshop, a MathWorks engineer will introduce you to parallel and distributed computing in MATLAB with a focus on speeding up your application code. The workshop will review common scenarios and workflows including hands-on demos. You will gain an understanding of the parallel constructs in MATLAB, their capabilities, and some of the common hurdles that you’ll encounter when using them. You’ll also learn how to run your MATLAB code on local HPC resources.

- Introductions and Overview of Parallel Computing with MATLAB
- Hands-on, self-paced exercises
- Q & A session
- Running MATLAB on the cluster and submitting MATLAB parallel jobs

Deep Learning Workflows in MATLAB (November 18, 2019)

Artificial Intelligence techniques like deep learning are introducing automation to the products we build and the way we do business. These techniques can be used to solve complex problems related to images, signals, text and controls.

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