Training sessions are available at the Yale Center for Research Computing and elsewhere that focus on research computing. Follow the links in the sidebar to learn more about available workshops and training materials. We also have detailed user documentation for the YCRC HPC clusters at

YCRC Research Support Office Hours

We invite you to connect with us live via zoom for ad hoc training and assistance with your questions on high performance computing, research, data storage, cluster usage, etc. Our Team members are available weekly via zoom, starting February 2nd, 2022. See details below.

Wednesdays 11am-12pm EST
 Phone: 203-432-9666 (2-ZOOM if on-campus)or 646 568 7788

Meeting ID: 921 9999 1191
No appointment necessary.

YCRC YouTube Channel

The YCRC hosts video recordings of many of the workshops on the YCRC YouTube Channel.

Customized Training Sessions

The Yale Center for Research Computing can offer customized training for your group or department. Our existing training can be tailored to specific needs or new offerings can be developed. We have in house expertise in:

  1. Python
  2. R
  3. Version Control with Git
  4. Parallel Programming
  5. An array of applications (See the SRSC service page for more information)

Please contact us at for more information.

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