External Training

External Training Resources

  • Interactive UNIX/Linux Tutorial for Beginners - Excellent beginner tutorial on basic UNIX commands.

  • NICS HPC Seminar Series -  The National Institute for Computational Sciences invites you to a Seminar Series on High Performance Computing, every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:10pm ET to 3:10pm ET 

  • LLNL Training Material - Throughout the year, Livermore Computing (LC) offers on-site workshops focusing on parallel programming, parallel tools, and the use of its High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Access this site to review their training material.

  • FSU Intro to HPC - This course is an introductory course on high-performance computing. In this course you will learn how to write faster code that is highly optimized for modern multi-core processors and clusters, using modern software development tools, performance profilers, specialized algorithms, parallelization strategies, and advanced parallel programming constructs in OpenMP and MPI.

  • Cornell Virtual Workshop -  The Cornell Virtual Workshop learning platform is designed to enhance the computational science skills of researchers, accelerate the adoption of new and emerging technologies, and broaden the participation of underrepresented groups in science and engineering. 

  • NCSU Introduction to MPI - Short Introduction to MPI

  • An Introduction to Scientific Computing from TACC - link to a book by Victor Eijkhout

  • LSU HPC Training Material (Moodle)