Training Videos

We are especially grateful to Yale's Broadcast and Media Center for providing digital recordings of our most popular training sessions.  Below are a list of currently available videos.  If you have recommendations for future recordings, you can email suggestions to

YCRC Bootcamp:  Introduction to HPC - recorded Aug. 2017.

YCRC Bootcamp: Introduction to HPC on the Milgram Cluster - recorded September 2017

YCRC Bootcamp: Scripting with Python - recorded Apr. 2016

YCRC Bootcamp: Writing Efficient R Code - recorded Oct. 2016

YCRC Bootcamp: Using Git for Source Code Control - recorded Dec. 2016

YCRC Bootcamp: Practical Introduction to Linux - recorded August 2017

YCRC Bootcamp: Python MPI for Parallel Programming - recorded October 2017

YCRC GeoComputation Bootcamp: Introduction to GRASS GIS - recorded April 2018

XSDEDE Workshop:  Writing a Successful XSEDE Proposal - recorded Sept 2016

NVIDIA Workshop on Deep Learning - recorded August 2017