Research Collaborations

Wright Lab

Wright Lab is advancing the frontiers of fundamental physics through a broad research program in nuclear, particle, and astrophysics that includes precision studies of neutrinos, searches for dark matter, investigations of the building blocks and interactions of matter, and observations of the early Universe.

The Yale Center for Research Computing maintains an active partnership with the Wright Lab, supporting researchers use of high performance computing as well as local computation and storage.


Geology and Geophysics

Geology and Geophysics is one of the truly cross-disciplinary areas that brings together physics, chemistry, biology, math and geology in order to understand the planet on which we live.  Our faculty, research scientists and students tackle issues of vital importance to society, including earthquakes, volcanic hazards, hurricanes, climate change, evolution and the fossil record, atmospheric carbon remediation, and the sustainability of natural resources.  Researchers at Geology and Geophysics also explore fundamental questions such as the origin and evolution of the solar system and planets