Writing a Successful XSEDE Proposal

Class Description

XSEDE is the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded set of supercomputing resources.  Requesting time on XSEDE requires a proposal.   Sohrab Ismail-Beigi, Professor of Applied Physics, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Yale University, leads a workshop on writing a successful proposal for supercomputing time on XSEDE resources. 

After a brief review of XSEDE from a user’s viewpoint, Sohrab describes, in some detail, the application process:  the types of proposals, what a proposal looks like, key points necessary to make a good proposal, and what happens after the proposal gets accepted.  The aim is to introduce these resources to users interested in using XSEDE for the first time who need a primer on how to do it and what type of outcome to expect realistically.

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Course Material

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