YCRC Bootcamp - Introduction to Julia

Julia is a powerful new language for numerical computing that aims at bridging the gap between ease-of-use and performance. It is both a high-level and a high-performing dynamic programming language.  This two-hour workshop is intended as a basic introduction to the language, including its advantages and challenges and will be instructed by Ignacio Quintero, a PhD Candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • Types & Elementary Functions.
  • Vectors and Arrays.
  • Control Flow Functions and Multiple Dispatch.
  • Statistical tools.
  • Integrating with R.
  • Performance tips and parallel computing.

Each attendee is expected to bring their own laptop and have Julia installed. We strongly recommend installing the “Juno” package in Atom for hands-on experience. Installation instructions are available at: http://junolab.org.  Some previous programming experience is encouraged, but not necessary. 

For more information on Julia please visit https://julialang.org.

Upcoming Sessions:

Course Material:

  • To be posted after the initial session