Geo-Computation and Environmental Analysis Workshop

The Geo-Computation and Environmental Analysis Workshop is a 5-day immersion workshop focused on developing key skills required for advanced spatial data processing. 

Students will be guided through the use of a command line interface using advanced open source data processing routines for geo-computation in Linux environment. 

Aimed at researchers and professionals with a keen interest in spatio-temporal data analysis and modeling, this course sets the basis for follow up courses in how to use of High Performance Computing in the area of geo-spatial science. 

Required Materials

Attendees should have:

  • Solid basic computer skills
  • A strong interest on geographical data analyses
  • Laptops, with a minimum of 4GB RAM and 30GB free disk space, will be required. 
  • Previous experience and understanding in Geographic Information Systems and light scripting is helpful although not necessary.

Agenda by Day

Day 1:

Introduction / OSGeo-live operating system (GA)

Linux bash programming (GA)

Day 2:

R basic and intermediate (JB, BP)

Introduction to python (SW)

Day 3:

Introduction to GDAL/OGR - PKTOOLS. (GA)

Explore and work with your geographic data using GDAL/OGR - PKTOOLS (GA,BP,JB)

Day 4:

Introduction to GRASS (GA)

Using Python for GIS and Remote Sensing operations (SW)

Day 5:

Working on students personal data (GA, BP, JB, SW)

Batch processing data using GRASS (GA) TBD (optional)

GIS and RS with R (BP) TBD (optional)

Parallel processing in R (BP) (optional)


Lunch break: 12:30 - 1:30pm

Course Material

Next Session

  • Spring 2020