Connect from Windows

We recommend using MobaXterm to connect to the clusters. You can download, extract & install MobaXterm from this page. We recommend using the "Installer Edition", but make sure to extract the zip file before running the installer.

Generating Your Key

To get up and running, generate an ssh keypair if you haven't already:

  • From the top menu choose Tools -> MobaKeyGen (SSH key generator).
  • Leave all defaults and click the generate button.
  • Wiggle your mouse.
  • Save your public key as
  • Save your private key as id_rsa.ppk (this one is secret, don't give it to other people).
  • Copy the text of your public key and paste it into the text box after you log into the SSH key uploader.
  • Your key will be synced out to the clusters in a few minutes.


To make a new connection to one of the clusters

  • From the top menu select Sessions -> New Session.
  • Click the SSH icon in the top left.
  • Enter the cluster login node address (e.g. as the Remote Host.
  • Check "Specify Username" and Enter your netID as the the username.
  • Click the "Advanced SSH Settings" tab and check the "Use private key box", then click the file icon / magnifying glass to choose where you saved your private key (id_rsa.ppk).
  • Click OK.

Sample SSH Configuration

In the future, your session should be saved in the sessions bar on the left in the main window.