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Services Status

Node Cluster Status
Google Drive Globus Connector N/A Available Grace Available Grace Available Milgram Available McCleary Available McCleary Available Milgram Available

Cluster Maintenance

To perform critical updates and minimize downtime, regular maintenance will be performed on each cluster on a rotating schedule. Scheduled maintenance periods typically start on a Tuesday and run through the end of the following Thursday. During maintenance, logins will be disabled, jobs will not run and cluster storage may be unavailable. Communication will be sent to users both 4 weeks and 1 week prior to the maintenance period.

Scheduled maintenance will be canceled if insufficient justification exists prior to the planned start. Communication will be sent immediately if a maintenance window is being canceled.


  • Feb 6-8 2024 - Milgram
  • Apr 2 2024 - McCleary (limited impact - cluster and storage remain available)
  • Jun 4-6 2024 - Grace
  • Aug 20-22 2024 - Milgram
  • Oct 15-17 2024 - McCleary
  • Dec 3-5 2024 - Grace