We maintain 5 clusters, with roughly 43,500 cores total. Please click on cluster names for more information.

Cluster Name Approx. Core Count Login Address Monitor Dashboard Purpose
Grace 10,000 general
Farnam 5,500 medical/life science
Omega 6,500 highly parallel, tightly coupled
Ruddle 3,000 Yale Center for Genome Analysis
Milgram 1,600 n/a Psychology dept. HIPAA cluster


We maintain several high performance storage systems which amount to about 9 PB total. Listed below are the shared filesystems and the clusters where they are available. We distinguish where clusters store their home directories with an asterisk. Using /home will always refer to the home directory of the cluster you are on.

Filesystem Size Mounting Clusters
/gpfs/loomis 2.6 PB Grace*, Omega*, Farnam
/gpfs/ysm 1.5 PB Farnam*
/gpfs/ycga 2.0 PB Ruddle*
/ycga-ba 1.1 PB Ruddle
/gpfs/milgram 1.1 PB Milgram*