Ansoft HFSS & Maxwell 3D

Finite Elements Electromagnetic Simulator

Students: There is no licensing program to cover installation on personally owned student computers.

Faculty: Ansoft must be installed on University-owned computers and should be utilized on the condition that its use is related to the instruction of graduate and undergraduate students.

Finite Element Electromagnetic Simulator and Design Package, including:

  • Maxwell 3D & Maxwell 2D - Electromagnetic Field Simulation for High-Performance Electromechanical Design. Maxwell accurately solves static, frequency-domain and time varying electromagnetic and electric fields
  • HFSS - 3D High-Frequency Full-wave Electromagnetic Field Simulator
  • Ansoft Designer - High-performance RF/mW Design & Analog/RFIC Verification
  • Optimetrics - Optimization for High-Performance Electronic Design
  • Simplorer - multi-domain, system simulation software for the design of high-performance electromechanical systems commonly found in the industry
  • RMxprt - Design Software for Electric Machines
  • PExprt - Design Software for Magnetic Components
  • Q3D Extractor -3D/2D Parasitic Extraction for High-Performance Electronic Design
  • SIwave - Signal- and Power-Integrity Analysis for High-Performance PCBs and IC Packages
  • MCAD for translation from mechanical design packages