Storage for Use on the Clusters


Storage is available on the HPC Clusters in multiple tiers.   

High Performance Storage

High Performance Storage is available as part of the HPC service.  A detailed description of high performance storage available on the clusters is available here. Additional high performance storage can be purchased during a purchasing cycle. 

Standard Storage on the Clusters

The YCRC, in partnership with Yale ITS, has made available a redundant, highly reliable storage solution for project files on the HPC clusters. Project files can be moved between the clusters and this network-attached, central storage device that is based on the standard tier (not high performance) of Yale ITS’ Storage@Yale service. Files, directories, and sub-directories are protected by local snapshots, replication of data to a secondary data center, and fully redundant hardware.   Snapshots will be available for easy recovery of deleted files for up to 7 weeks.  The standard tier will be available on all nodes on all clusters

Archive Storage on the Clusters

The YCRC, in partnership with Yale ITS, has made available a data archive solution available on all clusters based on the Storage@Yale archive solution. This storage solution is accessible by all clusters and is intended for long term storage of project related files and is available to all nodes on a cluster.


Who Can Use It?: 

HPC storage is available to all Yale University Researchers.  Principal investigators may purchase additional High Performance, Standard or Archive storage.

How Much Does It Cost?: 


High Performance Storage

Subject to YCRC discretion, High Performance Storage may be able to be purchased during announced purchasing cycles.  The current budgetary quote is $350 per TB but can vary between purchasing cycles.

Standard Storage

Standard Storage is available for $10.78/TB/Month*.

Archive Storage

Archive Storage is available for $3.60/TB/Month*.

*Rates effective as of 7/1/2016.  
How Do I Get It?: 


High Performance Storage

To participate in the next purchasing cycle for High Performance Storage, please email for more details.

Standard and Archive Storage 

Standard and Archive Storage is available to be mounted on the clusters and can be ordered by completing the online order form.

Where Can I Get Help?: 

For any questions or concerns regarding storage, please email