High Performance Computing


The Center for Research Computing provides support for High Performance Computing at Yale University.The clusters are a shared Linux environment with most of the popular applications, compilers and programs installed. We work with faculty and research groups across disciplines to design and maintain cost-effective computing facilities. More information regarding our HPC architecture and clients can be found by exploring the links in the menu on this page.

Our clusters are split between two physical locations: one at 300 George Street in downtown New Haven, and one located in Yale’s West Campus facility in West Haven, approximately 7 miles from the main Yale campus.  If groups are interested in visiting either or both sites, guided tours are available and can be arranged by emailing research.computing@yale.edu.

Who Can Use It?: 

All members of the Yale research community are eligible for a High Performance Computing account on one of our clusters.

How Much Does It Cost?: 

There is no charge for using these clusters, however faculty can purchase dedicated compute nodes and/or storage for their research needs.   For more information on purchasing dedicated hardware contact research.computing@yale.edu

How Do I Get It?: 

Please complete the Access Request Form.  For dedicated hardware, please contact research.computing@yale.edu

Where Can I Get Help?: 

Help for HPC is available:

1.  Under the HPC Support tab on the main menu.

2.   By email hpc@yale.edu

3.   During Office Hours:  Wednesdays 9 am to Noon at the CSSSI