High Performance Computing

The Yale Center for Research Computing provides support for high performance computing (HPC) at Yale. The YCRC currently manages five shared Linux clusters:

  • Grace - high performance cluster for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Omega - highly parallel cluster for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Farnam - high performance cluster for the Yale School of Medicine
  • Ruddle - dedicated cluster for the Yale Center for Genome Analysis
  • Milgram - HIPAA aligned Department of Psychology cluster intended for use on projects that may involve sensitive data

We work with faculty and research groups across a variety of disciplines to take advantage of these advanced computational resources. Any Yale faculty is entitled to a Principal Investigator group account at no charge. For more information on getting access to and using the clusters, visit HPC Support.

A standard PI group account provides access to a large number of public compute nodes and limited free high performance storage. Details of the compute partitions and storage offerings are available on the cluster pages. Faculty can also purchase additional dedicated compute nodes and storage for their research needs. For more information on purchasing dedicated hardware contact us at research.computing@yale.edu.

In addition to the high performance storage, we can also mount Storage@Yale, which is a service offered by Yale ITS to University members. To request a Storage@Yale allocation on the clusters, fill out our Storage@Yale Request Form.

Visit the Clusters


If groups at Yale are interested in visiting the data center at Yale’s West Campus, guided tours can be arranged by contacting us at research.computing@yale.edu.