FAS Science Research Software Core


The FAS Science Research Software Core was implemented by the Provost in recognition of the increasing demand for cutting edge software for use in analytical and experimental research, design and analysis. Such software can streamline research and enhance productivity in the lab, but can also be expensive to purchase and maintain. The mission of the SRSC is to provide investigators with affordable access to widely used and specialized software for applications common to the physical sciences and engineering.  In addition, the Core assists investigators in taking full advantage of this software, and employs a full time specialist to accomplish this important goal.  The software supported by the Core  is specific to the fields of Physics, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology & Geophysics and Engineering.   The software is available to all faculty, postdoctoral students, and graduate students within the FAS to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.  

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Science Research Software:

For a list of Software Titles and their description, please go to the software page

Research Software Consulting Expertise:

Mikhael Guy comes to Yale with about 35 years of experience in scientific programming and computing. His formal training and background is in mathematics and physics and he has been involved in research software projects related to computational geometry, fractals, percolation, solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, polymer physics, finite element computations, Monte-Carlo simulations, financial engineering, cheminformatics and bioinformatics, reservoir simulation, rock mechanics, computational elecromagnetics and fluid dynamics.  His broad computer expertise includes many high level languages including Fortran, Pascal, C/C++, Perl, Python, Java, VB/VBA, A, and Lisp.  In addition, he has also worked with scripting tools and dialects as well as specific mathematical and scientific software and libraries including Matlab and Mathematica.

Mikhael is available to help provide technical and computational support for all software offered by the Science Research Software Support.  He is also available to provide consultations regarding what software package might best suit your Science Research computing needs.  

Who Can Use It?: 

See Eligibility in the Features on the Software Page.  


All members of the FAS research community can make use of our consulting expertise.

How Much Does It Cost?: 

See Price of Software on the Software Page.  Consulting expertise is free to all members of the FAS research community.

How Do I Get It?: 

To request software or software consulting expertise, please email srsc.support@yale.edu.