Science Research Software Core Essential Functions

Science Research Software Core

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The Essential functions of the SRSC and its staff are as follows:

  • Work with FAS faculty to determine the greatest needs for both widely used and highly specialized software in the sciences, and assist with acquisition and licensing to enable broad use and maximize the impact on research.

  • Provide ongoing consultation with FAS faculty to identify desired capabilities for future research software, and research services to identify the most applicable and cost effective software packages to meet these specifications.

  • Serve as a source of institutional memory for scientific software expertise, needs and acquisition in FAS, to avoid replication and ensure optimal use of the resources available to the Core.

  • Provide both one-on-one and group support and training services for software acquired through the facility.

  • Maintain a small computer lab that will be used for evaluation and testing, support, and small-group instruction for proposed and supported software.

  • Define, collect and evaluate metrics to document software and support needs of the FAS sciences community, and through this data continually refine operations of the core to maximize its effectiveness for FAS science faculty.

  • Interact frequently with advisory committees and utilize their input to guide the administration of the Core and improve services provided to FAS faculty.